Event Planning

Request set-up/work order

Tuck Events & Facilities will coordinate your setup needs for items such as tables, chairs, extra trash and recycle bins, tents, and custodial services.  We will do our best to have your reserved space setup in the configuration you require.  Some spaces may not be able to be reconfigured, and sometimes there may be an event right before or after your event that would not allow ample time to make this happen.

  • If larger setup is needed, please submit a work order and send to us at least 3 weeks prior to the event
  • Provide us with your chart string
  • All dining spaces require a work order regardless of setup needs. The reason for this is that we have numerous departments using these spaces each day, with various setup needs. Without a work order, you would be subject to use the dining space the way it was last setup, and this may not be the setup you need for your event.
  • In-house work orders consist of custodial staff doing setups, breakdowns, panels, reconfiguring rooms, flipcharts, moving some furniture, podium, setting tables, providing water, etc.  Usually no charge to the Tuck customer for quick type setups, 15 minutes or so.  Timeline for work order is as soon as possible.  If weekend service is needed we must have 3 week’s notice to coordinate overtime. 
  • Out-house work orders require services from FO&M trades, Laborers, Carpenters, etc.  Hanging a banner outside requires FO&M.  There is always a cost for this.  Timeline for work order is 3 weeks for a draft and 2 weeks for the final.  There is no guarantee of this without 2 week’s notice.
  • We offer on-site consultations to help you determine how best to arrange a room or outdoor area for your event.  Please contact our office to arrange a meeting to discuss your specific event (at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the event).
  • If you are having a large event requiring numerous spaces such as the Reunion, ASW, and the Diversity Conference, please arrange an appointment with us well in advance.
  • If you do not work in a department here at Tuck, but are having someone from Tuck sponsor your event, please make sure they submit a work order for your setup needs.
  • Set-up needs for off-site venues email: Conferences.and.Special.Events@Dartmouth.edu
  • AV needs please contact ODE-  Office.of.Digital.Education@Tuck.Dartmouth.EDU
  • Catering contact Byrne Catering

Off-Site Venues

If you require a non-Tuck space, please go to http://www.dartmouth.edu/~cse/ (under Quick Links)