Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have no lights in my bathroom?

A. What is a GFI circuit breaker? GFI, stands for Ground Fault Circuit; and it's a type of outlet that protects against electrical shock. The bathroom outlet has a GFI and when a circuit is blown, it needs to be reset. Push reset button to restore the lighting.


Q. I lost my dorm key, what do I do?

A. For your security, please inform Tuck Facilities asap. We will schedule to have your room rekeyed. The cost is $100 which will be charged to your student account. When Tuck Facilities office is open, please call and we can let you in. After hours, please call Safety and Security 646-646-4000.


Q. I lost my mailbox or locker key, what do I do?

A. Please come to Tuck Facilities, Tuck Hall, Room 12 (ground floor) for a replacement. Our hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm. The cost of $20 for each key will be charged to your student account.


Q: My voicemail isn't working, what do I do?

A: Please see Setting up Voicemail. If you're still having trouble, please email Tuck.Facilities@tuck.Dartmouth.edu and we'll further assist you with your problem.


Q: What do I do if I have heating/cooling problems in my office/room?

A: Please contact Tuck.Facilities@tuck.dartmouth.edu stating whether you are hot or cold. Please include building and room number.


Q: What do I do when I have a light bulb out?

A: We will have someone replace it for you. Please email Tuck.Facilities@tuck.Dartmouth.edu