Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My voicemail isn't working, what do I do?

A: Please see Setting up Voicemail. If you're still having trouble, please email Tuck.Facilities@tuck.Dartmouth.edu and we'll further assist you with your problem.


Q: I lost my key, what do I do?

A: For all lost keys, please come in or contact Tuck.Facilities@tuck.Dartmouth.edu (Tuck 12).


Q: What do I do if I have heating/cooling problems in my office/room?

A: Please contact Tuck.Facilities@tuck.dartmouth.edu to request for this to be taken care of.


Q: What do I do when I have a light bulb out?

A: We will have someone replace it for you. Please email Tuck.Facilities@tuck.Dartmouth.edu