Dorm Room Policies

As a student in a Residence Hall on the Tuck Campus you are expected to promote:

  • The maintenance of a quiet and orderly place within which to live and study.
  • The maintenance of an atmosphere of mutual respect for personal dignity and consideration for others.
  • A mature respect for the facilities of the Tuck School and Dartmouth College.
  • The maintenance of a suitable atmosphere for the entertainment of guests, whether family or friends.
  • A mature respect for citizens of the local community.

Room Care:

  • If you fail to maintain a reasonable standard of cleanliness and safety, you will be required to correct the condition or be asked to vacate the room.  On your scheduled restroom cleaning days please remove personal items from showers and sinks.  Our custodians are required to clean these areas and are not responsible for broken or wet items.
  • The College reserves the right to enter and to inspect any student room at any time without permission or consent of the room occupant (s) to provide emergency service or general maintenance work, make safety or condition inspections or investigate probable violation (s) of College regulations.

Below is a list of what is PROHIBITED in the Residence Halls:

  • Appliances for cooking (such as hot plates, electric grills, toasters, or other electrical appliances with heating element)
  • Air conditioners and electric heaters
  • Water beds
  • Pets
  • Firearms
  • Permanent alterations to décor
  • Halogen lamps
  • Tape, contact paper, or other adhesive on walls
  • Soliciting, peddling, or advertising for any commercial purpose on bulletin boards, walls, or doors
  • Tampering with or destroying fire safety and fire prevention equipment
  • Removing furniture from your room
  • Open flame, including candles and incense
  • Smoking or using illegal drugs
  • Subletting your room (only the Tuck School can fill a room or a partial room vacancy)

Room access & keys: 

  • Students should lock their doors at all times. You will be issued a single key to your room.  If you lose this key during the academic year, you will be given a replacement key until your room is rekeyed.  If your lost key is not returned within 48 hours, a work order will be submitted to rekey your room.  You will be notified that the rekeying has taken place by a placard left on your door by the locksmith.  You will need to go to Tuck Facilities, in Tuck 12 to pay $100 in cash or personal check to Dartmouth College for the rekeying of your room and to pick up the new room key.  All other keys issued will be $10 per key for replacements.