Heating/Cooling Systems

Occupant Directions


  • Your room has constant ventilation with 100% outside temperature air. The temperature dial is programmed for a limited range to promote energy conservation and reasonable comfort. The dial allows you to adjust the temperature several degrees above or below an approximate set point of 68 degrees F in winter, and 74 degrees F in summer.

Important Remind:

  • The HVAC system ONLY works if your window is closed. If you feel the need to open your window temporarily, please remember to close it when you leave the room both to save energy and to insure a comfortable temperature when you return.


  • The small button on the bottom of the thermostat is for vacation period temperature setbacks when the building is in set back mode. Push the button to get 2 hours of heating or cooling during those periods. The LED light will come on to show that the system is working.

For help during normal business hours (Monday through Friday 8-5)- please email Tuck Events & Facilities, or call 6-0201. After normal business hours, please call Dartmouth College Trouble Shooters at 6-2344.