Laundry Rooms

Please follow the directions below to access your new account. You may forward these directions to whomever you would like to have access to the account and the ability to place service request.

Tuck School ~ Whittemore Hall, Living and Learning Center 2nd Floor and 3rd Floor
Password: BigGreen

To place a service Request for Laundry, go to:
1. Enter your password and click submit
2. From the drop-down menu, choose the laundry room where the problem has occurred and click submit
3. Select the type of equipment and the problem you have encountered
4. Enter your name, phone number(optional), and e-mail address
5. If necessary, enter any comments to elaborate on the problem
6. Once you have completed the service request form, click submit at the bottom of the pate.

The person that submits the request will receive an e-mail confirmation that the request was received. They will also receive an email after the service technician has addressed the problem.

To make any changes in your LaundryLinx account, including add/delete laundry room locations or modify locations names, please send a detailed email explaining all necessary changes to