Room Access & Keys

Room Access & Keys: 

  • Students should lock their doors at all times. You will be issued a single key to your room.  If you lose this key during the academic year, you will be given a replacement key until your room is rekeyed.  If your lost key is not returned within 48 hours, a work order will be submitted to rekey your room.  You will be notified that the rekeying has taken place by a placard left on your door by the locksmith.  A charge will be applied to your student account for the rekeying of your room. Pick up your new key in Tuck Events & Facilities Office, Tuck Hall, Room 12.  Office hours: Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Also if you lose your mailbox key or locker key, please come to Tuck Events & Facilities office for a new one. A charge will also be applied to your student account.