Event Planning

Request a tent

All tents to be set up on Tuck property must be requested and approved through the Tuck Events & Facilities office.

Please place your order at least 4 weeks ahead of time to help ensure availability. A Dig Safe may be necessary and 4 week’s notice is required for this.  A Dig Safe will provide the information that you need to see if your desired location is feasible. 

  • Reminder: an outdoor event permit must be submitted for most tents.  There are times when there is already a blanket permit in place, so it is very important to always check with our office as soon as possible.

Typical information needed for tents:

  • By what time would you like the tent set up?  When can the tent come down?
  • Do you want sides on the tent?  Do you need flooring? What size tent is needed?
  • Do you need a heater?  Do you need lights?  Do you need tables or chairs and how many?
  • Are there other events in your proposed location prior to or after yours that need to be considered in determining the location of the tent?