Event Planning

All spaces require a work order regardless of setup needs. The reason for this is that we have numerous departments using these spaces each day, with various setup needs. Each department wants their reserved space setup in completely different ways. Without a work order, you would be subject to use the space the way it was last setup, which is different every single day, and may vary from when you last saw it, and this may not be the setup you need for your event. Assuming a space is setup the way you saw it last will only create confusion, so a work order gets everyone on the same page in regards to your setup needs.

Things to think about when planning your event:

  • Do you have the spaces reserved?
  • Have you submitted a work order to Events and Facilities yet?
  • Have you promoted your event?
  • Have you efficiently staffed your event?
  • Have you requested the resources you need for your event? Tents? Stages? Tables? Sign Stanchions?
  • Have you submitted a catering order to Byrne Dining?
  • Have you submitted an AV request to ODE?
  • Do you have parking for your guests?
  • Do you have a rain location?