Phone Information

See Below for Phone Information

Please do not move or unplug your phone. Your phone is locked down for 911 and your phone number is directly connected to your room/office number. If you move your phone to another location, it will not work and 911 will not work either. Please keep your phone where you've left it, plugged in correctly.


Direct all these types of requests to Tuck Events & Facilities:

  • All phone moves to new location
  • New employee phone activation
  • All new phone orders
  • All new jack installations
  • Common area phone troubleshooting

Direct all these types of requests to Network Services:

  • Phone troubleshooting
  • Forgotten password
  • Voicemail trouble
  • Reset voicemail
  • Static in line
  • Adding/deleting or any changes to your phone template


How Cisco Phones plug in: