Tuck Events & Facilities provides support to the Tuck Community for a variety of building related issues by coordinating operations and maintenance workers.

Our office is responsible for building maintenance, operations, projects, office moves, department moves, office assignments, furniture orders, furniture reconfigurations and long range projects.  We are also responsible for assigning keys and visitor cards to the Tuck community and giving access to Tuck Facilities as well as maintaining associated records.

There are 11 buildings, three of which are residence halls.  We have dining facilities on site and a dining staff that caters events.

Tuck buildings:

Buchanan, Woodbury, Tuck, Chase, Stell, Byrne, Murdough, Whittemore, Achtmeyer, Raether, Pineau-Valencienne.

We have three custodial squads, one building maintenance man, two building repair techs, and even though they work for FO&M, they report to us for maintenance, cleaning and events. 

Our customers are faculty, staff, students and we respond to their requests via email, phones and walk–ins.  We work very closely with Conference & Events, FO&M, OPDC, Instructional Services, Network Services, Parking Operations, Dartmouth Card Office, Safety & Security and outside vendors.

Here are some examples of facilities related requests:

  • Emergency
    Fire, flooding, injury, gas or hot smells
  • Urgent
    Trapped in elevator, hot or cold calls, clogged toilet
  • Non-Urgent
    Phone trouble, hang pictures, lights out, custodial requests, etc.

We will respond to your requests and then coordinate with appropriate service entities.